The TSA's recent claim that New York City airports are "gun-free" might be a bit off-target, according to an article in The New York Post.

The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) has records that are vastly different from TSA records when it comes to gun seizures at John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

The TSA claims to have seized just 12 guns in 2014, while PAPD records show 64, at least 18 of which occurred at TSA-manned checkpoints.

The New York Post reported:

The development comes amid the recent disturbing news that 153 other illegal guns were smuggled into Brooklyn from Atlanta aboard a series of commercial flights beginning in March — crimes that allegedly occurred because the TSA doesn’t screen airline employees.

The apparent conflict between the TSA and PAPD data was most glaring at La Guardia. While the federal agency said only two illegal guns were seized at passenger-screening checkpoints in 2014, PAPD figures show 40 illegal guns were confiscated at the airport — with at least eight seized at the TSA’s passenger checkpoints.

A TSA spokesman disputed the accuracy of the PAPD stats while insisting the agency had no reason to underreport gun seizures, particularly since the agency takes pains to herald each such incident on social media.

The majority of illegal guns are seized at area airports when passengers “self-report” a firearm they’re trying to transport to their home state — where they have a local permit, but don’t have the license with them.

In such cases, passengers approach an airline ticket counter to announce their intention to fly the weapon back with them in a “lock box,” prompting PAPD cops to arrest them for violating local gun laws.

Other illegal guns are routinely confiscated when passengers keep them in checked luggage and the gun is discovered during routine pre-flight baggage screening.

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