Martha MacCallum tonight took on State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf over the administration’s avoidance of the term "Islamic extremism."

MacCallum asked her: Why is it so hard to say?

“It’s not hard to say, but it’s not the only kind of extremist we face,” Harf said.

MacCallum fired back, asking what other forms of extremism “are particularly troubling” to the State Department. Harf told MacCallum that the State Department is “of course” most focused on extremism in the name of Islam.

MacCallum also asked Harf why someone notable from the administration did not attend Sunday's march in Paris.

Harf said the White House agrees that someone more senior should have attended the event. Still, she added, "I don't think American leadership in the world is defined by any one march [...] if you think it is, that's really taking a pretty limited view of American leadership."

Watch the debate above.