The Twitter account of U.S. Central Command was apparently hacked and taken over by ISIS sympathizers. 

The hackers then started tweeting the names and addresses of U.S. military commanders and threatening U.S. soldiers and their families.

Jennifer Griffin reported from the Pentagon this afternoon on the developing situation. The Twitter page @Centcom included a picture and background showing an "I love you ISIS" graphic with the word CyberCaliphate.   

The Centcom Twitter page has since been suspended, but its YouTube channel was reportedly hacked as well, and is now also down.

The tweets began to spread throughout social media right as President Obama delivered remarks on cybersecurity. 

One tweet stated "ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base" and another read, "AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK!"

Another threatened, "We won't stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children!" while purporting to include personal information of service members.

Central Command officials say they are "aware" of the issue and are "addressing" it.

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