Greg Gutfeld asked tonight: why wasn’t President Barack Obama at the Paris rally?

“Was there a game on? Did he not have directions? Seriously, Mr. President, did you miss it ‘cause you were up late watching movies? Or maybe you were busy playing laser tag at Joe Biden’s house?” Gutfeld quipped.

Gutfeld remarked that this march happened because fanatics murdered citizens. Meanwhile, 20 were killed when “fiends” placed bombs on young girls in Nigeria, and Boko Haram murdered 200 people – all of which, Gutfeld said, has been lost in the Paris shuffle.

“So forgive me if a march for unity leaves me cold. It should be a march for war. Forget unity in the name of tolerance, we need unity of will needed to destroy evil,” he said.

Gutfeld charged the left with being concerned about backlash against protests following the death of two NYPD officers, as well as backlash against Muslims following the Paris attacks.

“The left is like the drunk at the pub, who keeps putting a quarter into the jukebox to play the same old song, and that song is ‘backlash.’ Sooner or later, that awful tune drives everyone out to the streets,” he said.