It's safe to say the Obama administration is having a bad day.

The White House was already facing heavy criticism for not sending a senior official to Paris to attend Sunday's anti-terror rally. Then news broke this afternoon that CENTCOM was apparently hacked on Twitter by ISIS sympathizers.

During "The Real Story" today, host Gretchen Carlson also slammed the Obama administration in her "My Take" segment and said that it is "hate to be Josh Earnest day."

"Not only having to respond to the twitter hack of CENTCOM by apparent ISIS sympathizers on the same day President Obama was claiming our cyber security was safe, but then having to put his tail between his legs and admit that the administration should have sent a more senior official to the freedom rally in Paris yesterday," Carlson said about Earnest.

Carlson added that the press secretary tried to brush off the fact Obama didn't go to the rally by citing too many security concerns.

"The message got back to the White House that the optics looked awful and when you have even Democrats saying they were embarrassed and ashamed -- not a good day to be the president or Josh Earnest."

Henry Presses Earnest: What Was the President Doing on Sunday? 

Earlier, Fox News' chief White House correspondent Ed Henry pressed Earnest about President Obama's decision to skip the huge anti-terror rally.

Earnest did acknowledge that the administration "probably should have" sent someone with a higher profile to the rally where more than 40 world leaders marched together. But that did not stop Henry from pressing him about where Obama was yesterday and what the president was doing that caused him not go to Paris.  

A number of Republicans and even Democrats have come out stating their anger and embarrassment because of the lack of U.S. representation at the historic rally.  

Fox News contributor Doug Schoen, who is a Democratic strategist, wrote that Obama has "morally abdicated his place as the leader of the free world" and that the president just "doesn't care."

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