A former NFL player claims to have swam for 16 hours, braving sharks, jellyfish and hypothermia after falling off his boat while fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fox News' Phil Keating reported on former Miami Dolphin's player Robert Konrad's harrowing tale of survival during "The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson".  

Keating was on hand today when Konrad, who played five years for the Dolphins, recounted his survival story during his first public appearance since the incident took place last week. 

He said that Konrad didn't have on a life vest when he fell off his 36-foot recreational boat while fishing alone.

"The former NFL fullback was incredibly emotional today," Keating said of Konrad. "He admits readily he probably should be dead today, but his will to survive proved triumphant against extreme odds."

During the 16-hour journey, Konrad said he was stung by jellyfish and circled by a shark.

Watch the video above to hear more of the amazing survival story.