Donald Trump threw a bucket of cold water on the prospect of another presidential run by Mitt Romney and hinted that he may "surprise" people with a bid of his own.

'We Have No Leadership': Trump Slams Obama for Skipping Paris Unity Rally

Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, put the word out in recent days that he is considering a third run for the White House after repeatedly saying he would not run again.

Trump argued on "Fox and Friends" that Romney was in perfect position in 2012 and couldn't "close the deal."

Trump likened Romney to a golfer who can't make the crucial putt. 

"You have guys, they get to the 18th green, they're winning and they can't sink the three-footer. They have no chance of sinking it and there are many of them. Most people are like that frankly. ... I can't support him," said Trump, adding that Romney should have defeated President Obama "easily."

On the idea of a run by Jeb Bush, Trump said "the last thing we need is another Bush."

He then hinted at a "surprise" to come when asked whether he will throw his hat in the ring in 2016.

He said "Celebrity Apprentice" will be over in six weeks, so that will not stop him from running this time around. 

"I look at what's going on. These politicians are all talk, no action. I've been watching it for years," said Trump, arguing that beating Obama in 2012 was an easier task than possibly defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Watch the discussion above (the election discussion begins at about 4:30.)