Ann Coulter tonight argued that President Barack Obama’s proposal of free community college “is a way of brushing under the rug the failure of all the grade schools.”

Coulter speculated that Obama is now “coming up with the most absurd proposals to throw at the Republican Congress.” Coulter said this is “a fantastic opportunity” for the GOP to have “tobacco-style company hearings” where they ask college presidents why they’re making $2 million a year while tuition has gone up 10 times in the past 20 years.

Coulter charged the government with hawking education in the same way that banks hawked home loans.

“The education industry is an industry like any other – it is like the tobacco industry, it is like the energy industry. But this is the only one where the government is promoting a bubble," she said.

Americans are wasting money and time on college, Coulter said, citing a study which found that 50 percent of alumni with a four-year degree are in a job that doesn’t require one. She said the education industry "does nothing but hate Republicans and brainwash students to hate Republicans.”

“Isn’t it a good thing if [Republicans] run on the 'let’s stop robbing our kids' platform?” Hannity asked.

Coulter agreed. “Stop robbing the middle class with this scam of a college education,” she said.