A 26-year-old health care worker has become the most recent victim of the flu epidemic that is gripping the nation.

According to doctors, Wisconsin radiology technician Katy McQuestion received a flu shot, but died after she developed sepsis and had a heart attack, serious complications from the illness.

More than 5,000 people have been hospitalized this flu season and 26 children have died.

Kenosha News reported:

McQuestion had been feeling ill for a few days with flu-like symptoms. She had general aches and pains, chills, a tight feeling in her chest, was coughing and vomiting and had headaches. However, she did not have a high fever.

“Katie had a low fever — 97 degrees,” her mother said. “But she was progressively getting worse. Her husband took her into the emergency room on New Year’s Day.”

McQuestion was admitted to St. Catherine’s Medical Center at about 7:30 p.m., and by 11 p.m. was being transferred to intensive care.

“Things got worse very quickly,” her mother said. “I hope by sharing her story it will help bring about a general awareness and prevent someone else from having to go through this indescribable grief. Katie loved what she did. She wanted to help people.”

Her death comes after the CDC reported that this year's flu vaccine appeared to be not as effective as years past. They blamed that on a mutation of the flu that can be more serious. 

Watch more above and see Dr. David Samadi and Dr. Marc Siegel share insight on this terrible flu season in the clip below.