On Friday, President Obama announced an ambitious plan to lower the cost of community college tuition in America to zero dollars.

"Community colleges should be free to those willing to work for it," Obama said.

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Tamara Draut and Ashley Pratte appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to debate the proposed program, which is estimated to cost more than $60 billion.

"What the president's plan would do is ensure that anybody who wants to go to college can get at least two years free of charge, as far as tuition goes," Draut explained. "You still have to pay for books, you still have to pay for fees, you still have to pay for room and board and the cost of living."

"We know that the jobs that are here today and in the future are going to require more college than our citizens are currently getting," she said.

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Pratte countered that the $60 billion bill for this program will be footed by millennials.

"All of these great big government policies that are coming from this administration that are meant to help young people actually hurt them in the long run," Pratte asserted.

"They have crushed millennials' hopes and they are robbing them of their change," she said. "So that whole slogan of hope and change, I'm telling you right now, has done nothing except create a whole class of dependent young people."

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above.

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