Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles joined Howard Kurtz on "Media Buzz" today to discuss his reaction to the Paris terror attacks.

Toles drew a powerful cartoon that appeared in The Washington Post several days ago, featuring an automatic weapon and a pen. The caption at the bottom reads, "But the pen will endure."

"What I wanted to do was take off on the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword," Toles told Kurtz today.

Toles added that censorship is an ongoing issue in journalism and opinion journalism in particular.

"It will remain to be seen what happens going forward," Toles said. "Freedom of expression is a very complicated thing."

Toles also drew an interesting distinction between cartooning in Europe and America.

"They're more free-wheeling. They go more for vulgar, very confrontational imagery," he said.

"What I ask myself is not so much, 'Am I crossing a line of offensiveness?' The thing I'm always asking myself is, 'Does this cartoon reflect what I really want to say and does it convey that effectively?'"

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