An Albuquerque city bus collided with a van and then crashed into a woman's house on Thursday, injuring up to eight people, authorities said.

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Incredible on-board video released by city transportation officials shows the bus traveling through a green light at an intersection when a van approaching on the cross street runs a red light and smashes into its side.

The bus was knocked off the road and careened through a nearby home's front yard before crashing into the house itself.

Amazingly, there were no life-threatening injuries.

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Fox 23 reported:

The collision shattered windows in the bus and sent it hurtling straight into the home. The video shows the bus driver stuck behind the wreckage and at least one passenger on the floor of the bus.

Four passengers were seen being taken away from the crash on stretchers, but authorities said none of the injuries appeared to be serious.

Antonia Lucero said she was lying on her couch watching television when her entire house started shaking.

“I actually thought it was an earthquake,” Lucero told the Albuquerque Journal.

The bus crashed through the front of Lucero’s house, knocked her off the couch a few feet and sent her crawling into her kitchen screaming.

Lucero realized what happened when passengers exited the bus in her living room and started talking about the crash.

The rear end of the bus was sticking out of the front of her house, which is at the corner of the intersection.

Lucero’s mother, Anita Velasco, said authorities told her eight people had been transported for medical care.

ABQ Ride spokesman Rick De Reyes said some bus passengers were taken to a hospital but he didn’t have an exact count or any details on their names or conditions.

Watch the clip above and see raw video of the crash below.

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