A new list of the most stressful and least stressful jobs by Career Cast was released this week.  

"Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld tackled the jobs that made both lists with a panel Thursday night scoffing at a few of the jobs.

According to Career Cast, being a firefighter is the most stressful job, while being a hair stylist is the least stressful job of 2015.

Military personnel, military general, airline pilot, police officer, actor, broadcaster, event coordinator, photojournalist, and newspaper reporter were also named in the top 10 most stressful.

In between jokes with the panelists, Gutfeld shared that the most stressful professions are also the most heroic. 

"These people are doing amazing things," he said in reference to firefighters. 

Check out the video above to hear the rest of the list from the "Red Eye" panel.