For the past few days, a debate has gone on about whether some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons should be published by media outlets. 

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The magazine has drawn criticism over the years for its satirical cartoons, offending Muslims, Jews and Catholics. 

On "The Kelly File" last night Megyn Kelly got into it with Catholic League president Bill Donohue, who blamed the cartoonists' narcissism for their deaths. 

He said some of the images published by Charlie Hebdo are more like "pornography" disguised as satire.

On the other side, Megyn and many others have argued that no matter how offensive the material may be, it is free speech. 

Others have called the media cowardly for blurring some of the images in the reporting on the cartoonists' murders. 

Howard Kurtz weighed in this afternoon on whether mainstream media outlets should be showing the images, arguing it's a "sound editorial judgment" to avoid them. 

"I don't think it's a particularly brave thing to do. I think it will turn a lot of people off," Kurtz said, adding he understands that some outlets - like the Washington Post - wanted to print the images to "show solidarity."

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