Greg Gutfeld tonight slammed the media’s coverage of the terror attacks in France this week.

“It’s good to see all these vocal free speech supporters, many of whom were silent when [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice and others were kept from speaking on campuses,” Greg Gutfeld quipped. “I suppose you only express solidarity when it's cool and there's a neat hashtag.”

Gutfeld cautioned that terror wins when fighting evil is labeled as bigoted by the media, campuses and our leaders.

Gutfeld played a clip of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour calling terrorists "activists,” reacting with a bewildered, “What?!”

He also charged editors with worrying “more about right-wing reaction to terror than terror itself.”

“The enemy is pre-ordained. It's us. Which means Howard Dean is right. This is a cult, a cult of apologists. But Dean is also right when he says this is not a religious issue, which means, if I don't see Islam when I fight terror, then you cannot see Islamophobia when I fight it,” Gutfeld remarked.

Gutfeld said that we should see “a death cult, one that needs no understanding, just eradication.”

Gutfeld wondered where this cult has learned to punish language.

“How about Harvard and our modern cult of hate speech activists, who see language as violence, creating speech codes with penalties? Seeing ‘activists’ silence critics so easily must make them drool with envy.”

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