A Connecticut court just ruled a 17-year-old cancer patient can be forced to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

State Forces Teen With Cancer to Undergo Chemotherapy

The teen, identified as Cassandra C, suffers from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but she and her mother refused doctors' advice to undergo chemotherapy. 

Her mother, Jackie Fortin, explained that her daughter understands chemotherapy would kill the cancer, along with "everything in your body," and does not want to undergo the treatment.

"[These] are her human constitutional rights to not put poison in her body," Fortin said. "Her rights have been taken away. She has been forced to put chemo in her body."

The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld a prior ruling on the matter, rejecting the family's argument that the 17-year-old is mature enough to decide for herself. 

Once the girl turns 18 in nine months, she will be able to decide on her treatment. 

Hartford Courant reporter Josh Kovner said the decision came "lightning fast," and Fortin was criticized in the hearing for being the true driving force behind her daughter's actions.

Her doctors had testified that with chemo, Cassandra would have an 80-85 percent chance of survival. 

With the court's decision handed down, she will now have to continue the six-month course of treatment.