In this week’s “Presidential Contenders: 2016” segment, Bret Baier profiled Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who could make another presidential run in 2016.

The two toured the southern border by both boat and helicopter with the Texas Highway Patrol.

Perry has been active on border issues. In July, Perry deployed the Texas National Guard to beef up security along the border amid a major influx of illegal immigrants. He also urged President Barack Obama to visit the border and to step up the federal border presence.

The Texas economy also continues to boom. In the last three years alone, 1.1 million jobs have been created in Texas. Perry said that one-third of all net private-sector jobs created in America over the last 14 years have been in Texas.

“I think that there are principles that will work anywhere. If you don’t over-tax, if you don’t over-regulate, if you don’t over-litigate, and you have accountable public schools so you’ve got a skilled workforce, that’ll even work in California,” Perry said.

The outgoing Texas governor also discussed his indictment on two felony counts of abuse of power, which could lead to court. He explained that many on both the left and right have called this “an assault on the Constitution.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Perry.