Bill O'Reilly asked tonight: where is the United States' policy to fight the Islamic jihad?

"As Talking Points pointed out last night, we are not dealing with a few people here," O'Reilly said. "Maybe a few million, but most likely many more [...] and here we have the most powerful man in the world, Mr. Obama, saying the problem is being caused by a few."

"The Factor" host said that's a very troubling statement from Obama and began to name several countries around the globe that he believes are being affected by the Islamic jihad. 

"In Africa, the continent's largest economy, Nigeria, is being directly threatened by the jihad," he said.

According to O'Reilly, extreme Islam is the source of the "ultra-violence" around the world, such as the deadly attack that left 12 people dead in Paris on Wednesday.

"It is long past time that President Obama and all the other western leaders stop talking nonsense and begin formulating a coordinated plan, and it is time to stop making excuses for Muslim nations who don’t fight the jihad," O'Reilly said.

O’Reilly cautioned that we will either live in a civilized world or be destroyed.

Watch the video above.