Megyn Kelly tonight pressed Catholic League President Bill Donohue on controversial comments he made in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack which left 12 dead.

“It is too bad that he didn’t understand the role he played in his tragic death … had he not been so narcissistic, he may still be alive,” Donohue said of slain Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier.

“Do you really think they were not courageous in the face of death threats to be publishing what they did?” Megyn Kelly asked.

Donohue described the cartoonists as “pornographers disguised as satirists,” and he said that they may have a legal right to insult religion, but don’t have a moral right.

“Freedom of speech is not an end. It’s a means toward an end,” Donohue said.

“No, it’s also an end,” Kelly countered. She quoted the Hustler Magazine v. Falwell Supreme Court decision, which read, “The freedom to speak one's mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty – and thus a good unto itself – but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole.”

Watch the debate above.