While appearing on "Hannity," radio host Mark Levin praised the House Republicans who opposed John Boehner's re-election as Speaker and argued that Boehner runs the House just like Nancy Pelosi did.

"As a matter of fact Sean, those 25 patriots who didn't vote for him for speaker are in line with the vast majority of the Republicans," Levin said. 

Levin cited a poll that found 60 percent of Republicans in this country do not want him as speaker. He also said the poll found roughly 85 percent of Republicans that are in the House do. 

"Several of those freshmen who said they would not vote for Boehner as leader did," Levin said. "It's very cynical and they're dissembling. Let me just tell you this: Boehner has adopted Nancy Pelosi's policies. The members don't get to read these massive omnibus bills 72 hours in advance. They're not putting legislation through committees and subcommittees so members know what the hell is going on and the American people can participate in the process."

Levin also said that Boehner's legacy will be that he has been one of the biggest spending House speakers in history.  

"The entire summer while he was leading these re-election efforts and so forth and so on, he was working a back deal with Obama to pass the biggest spending deal in American history and to fund every penny of ObamaCare."

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