Two Port Authority police officers narrowly escaped injury last night after a crazed man tried to run them down with his car. 

Heather Nauert updated us on the frightening situation this morning, saying that the suspect was heard yelling "I want to kill cops" outside the Holland Tunnel in New York City.

One of the police officers was able to jump out of the way at the last second. The vehicle was traveling in a restricted fire lane being patrolled by the officers and ended up smashing into a police cruiser.

Matthew Cash reportedly told police at the scene that he was high on angel dust and synthetic marijuana was found in the car.

More details from the New York Post:

After crashing into the cruiser, the unhinged man twice screamed “I want to kill cops” and struggled with officers trying to detain him, according to sources.

“He was putting up a fight,” said witness Michael Rosselli.

“They had to get him into the cruiser. He was kicking at the ­window trying to get out. They had medics on standby.”

The anti-cop maniac was ­arrested and taken to Bellevue Hospital. Charges were pending Wednesday night.

Cash, 24, was traveling with a female companion who told officers he received a phone call that seemed to upset him just before he flipped out and sped into the cop car.

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