Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge updated us this morning on what her sources are telling her about where the Charlie Hebdo terror attack may have originated.

Herridge: Paris Gunmen Were Well-Prepared, Asked for Victims by Name

Though there's been no claim of responsibility, Herridge reports that officials believe the suspects, who remain on the loose, are connected to a foreign terror organization.

She said a U.S. official has confirmed that seven overnight arrests are connected to Wednesday's attack.

Herridge said investigators are focusing on the suspects' overseas travel and possible ties to al Qaeda in Yemen. 

Witnesses reported hearing the attackers say they were with al Qaeda in Yemen 

Herridge said the main question facing French authorities is what kind of surveillance, if any, they had on the main suspects, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi.

Both have longstanding ties to foreign jihadists.

Cherif was convicted seven years ago of funneling fighters into Iraq and was a supporter of then-leader of al Qaeda in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Watch her full report above, and stay tuned to Fox News throughout the day for the latest developments from Herridge.

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