Greg Gutfeld took on the media this evening in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which left 12 dead.

“Now saying, ‘We are all Charlie’ is a lie. We are not all Charlie – far from it. Instead of printing cartoons or challenging crazed Muslims, the self-congratulatory media turns tail, waving the flag of Islamophobia, some even apologizing for western bigotry,” Gutfeld remarked.

Gutfeld noted that the media is showing “that carnage, but not the cartoons,” calling it a victory for madmen. He said the media is advertising their handiwork, not their insecurities.

Gutfeld charged that the media is focusing on Islamophobia instead of terror.

“As if on cue, the cycle begins again. Islamists murder. The media warns of backlash. Islamists murder. The media warns of backlash. No wonder radical Islam has no use for satire. The weak-kneed west is their comic relief.”

Watch the monologue above.