UPDATE: Due to the breaking news out of France, where three terror suspects were killed in two sieges today, Megyn Kelly will have all of the latest developments and analysis Friday at 9p/12a ET on "The Kelly File."

While millions of Muslims are denouncing the terror attack in Paris as an extremist perversion of their faith, this is hardly the first time we’ve seen angry reaction to attempts to point out the dangers of radical Islam.

When Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- a noted scholar who lectures on the treatment of women in the Muslim world -- went to speak at Brandeis, pressure from outside groups like CAIR not only blocked her appearance, but led the school to withdraw her honorary degree. In fact, because of her activism,  Ali has spent years on the same “fatwa” list as Salman Rushdie and the cartoonists just killed in France. 

CAIR and other Muslim groups also campaigned to block a film on women and Islam from airing at the University of Michigan, and tried to block it from other schools.

When Condi Rice was invited to speak at Rutgers University, Muslim student groups led the protests forcing her to withdraw.

When Bill Maher talks about the danger of radical Islam on television, he is attacked by mainstream media outlets. Fellow liberals recently described him as “gross” and “racist.”

Noted writer Mark Steyn -- who found himself the target of human rights inquiries in Canada after he questioned Islam -- this week suggested that the west has become complicit in the effort to censure speech about radical Islam.

Megyn Kelly will look at the issue of free speech under attack in a "Kelly File" special. From the bloody aftermath of Paris to the lack of tolerance on American college campuses, why do so many seem so ready to shut off this debate before it can be heard?

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