UPDATE, 10:50p ET: A French judicial official tells the Associated Press that one of the three suspects wanted in the deadly terror attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine has surrendered; 2 other suspects remain at large.

UPDATE, 5:19p ET: Two French police officials tell The Associated Press that Frenchmen Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, who are in their early 30s, and Hamyd Mourad, 18, are suspects in the magazine attack that left 12 dead. One official says the three are linked to a Yemeni terrorist network.

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The suspects in the terror attack at Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris have reportedly been identified.

Catherine Herridge said this afternoon that French newspaper MetroNews is reporting that the three suspects have been identified by French intelligence. Two of the men are reportedly brothers – both of whom are French nationals. A third is reportedly homeless. The suspects’ ages are 18, 32 and 34.

There has been no independent confirmation on this report from U.S. officials.

A witness who let the gunmen into the building said that the men claimed to be part of al Qaeda.

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