Rep. Peter King (R-NY) weighed in on the deadly attack that left 12 people dead in Paris Wednesday when at least three gunmen stormed the office of a satirical newspaper.

King, who is a member of the Homeland Security Committee, said on "America's Newsroom" that the attackers knew exactly what they were doing and who they were targeting. 

And he also questioned why more police officers were not there quicker to engage the attackers.

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"This obviously appears to be a well coordinated attack, an Islamist terrorist attack," King said. "I am surprised and I don't want to be judging from a distance, but the fact that this attack went on for a while and no other police arrived on the scene, I would have thought a city like Paris would have rapid response teams, that they'd be there in less than a minute or two minutes." 

King added that this deadly attack in Paris shows things that need to happen and where threats are coming from.

"It shows us that we should put political correctness aside and realize that it is important to have police in the communities to be using sources, to be using informers," King shared. "And let's face it, the threat is coming from, for the most part, is coming out of the Muslim community. It's a small percentage, but that's where it's coming from." 

"We've gone through this before...Islamist terrorism comes from the Muslim community and we have to have more sources, we have to be able to go in there and find out what's happening so we can be tipped off."

In reference to his role in Congress, King explained in detail how important it is to have local intelligence in place in cities across the country.

"Bill, to me it [the attack] shows the shows the importance of local intelligence," King said. "The CIA does a great job, the NSA, and I'm sure it's the same in France. But the fact is, this to me proves the need for intelligence. You can't provide security, for every soft target in a major city. But if you have surveillance, if you're in the community, if you have informers, that shows how essential this is like how the NYPD has been doing over the years. I'm not saying that would have stopped the attack, but it shows the absolute necessity of having it. This is on the ground intelligence that's needed."

Watch the video above to hear more of the discussion between King and Bill Hemmer.