According to the Christian watchdog group Open Doors USA, 2014 is going down as the year with the highest level of persecution of Christians in modern times.

Fox News chief religion correspondent Lauren Green said on "Happening Now" today that it is indeed a very dangerous time to be a Christian.

"Although North Korea and its brutal imprisonment of Christians tops the list of 50 countries hostile to the faith, Islamic extremism remains the number one threat," Green said.

She added that the report from Open Doors says that violence against Christians increased in countries such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and, for the first time, four African nations enter the top 10.

"Africa emerging as a hotbed of persecution is also a sign that Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and other like-minded groups are learning from the success of the Islamic State," Open Doors CEO David Curry said. "In other words, the cancer of Christian persecution is metastasizing and it is spreading."

Green reported that Open Doors and many experts are warning that a more virulent strain of Islamic extremism is growing and the only way governments can confront it is if they treat the threat of Islamic terrorism the way countries around the world came together against Nazi Germany.

Watch the clip above and see Open Doors' full World Watch List.