Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell weighed in on radical Islam following the Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices, which left 12 dead.

McConnell cautioned that terrorists are still out there “and they want to kill us wherever they can find us.”

The administration today called the murders “an act of violence,” then later called it “an act of terror” after the French president called it that. President Barack Obama did not use the terms Islam or jihad in his remarks.

Megyn Kelly asked McConnell, “Do you think that there’s a conscious decision to not link this kind of terrorist action with that type of motivation despite the cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and reports that the terrorists were saying the prophet Mohammed has been avenged?”

“What else can you conclude? You’re entirely correct. They refuse to call these attacks what they are. [...] To call it something else strikes me as being politically correct to a fault,” McConnell said, explaining that such attacks are “spawned by some perverted notion of Islam.”

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