What's the best way to keep civilians safe from terror attacks? 

The "Outnumbered" panel weighed in this afternoon following the killing of 12 people at the office of a satirical newspaper in Paris.

Earlier today, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) questioned why a large police force was not there quicker to stop the attack. 

Eric Bolling argued that just like in New York City, police aren't being given all possible tools to stop terrorists.

Bolling referenced New York City's decision to end "stop and frisk" tactics due to profiling claims. Bolling said it comes down to law enforcement tools being taken away. 

He noted the reports of unarmed police officers showing up at the scene

One police officer was shot dead by one of the attackers as he laid on the sidewalk injured.

"These guys walked up heavily armed and blew away 12 people and walked out of there unscathed," said Bolling, adding that this is a prime example of why police officers should be "over-militarized."

Harris Faulkner said that ISIS has made it clear that they are "hunting" innocent civilians. Kennedy responded that the best way for Americans to protect themselves is with a gun of their own. 

Bolling agreed, but said that in big cities that is not legal.

Watch the debate above and weigh in with your own opinion!