Sean Hannity tonight clashed with radical London imam Anjem Choudary following a horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices that left 12 dead.

Choudary tweeted today:

“You’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws,” Hannity said.

“Actually, as a Muslim, we believe that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God and therefore we believe in submitting to the commands of God,” Choudary said.

Hannity asked him, “So you’re saying anything offensive about the prophet Muhammad should be illegal and it should be worldwide?”

Choudary told Hannity that in Islam, that carries capital punishment.

Hannity pressed, “But every country should adopt that, and it’s convert or die? It’s either you agree with us or we will go into your newspaper and we will slaughter you, we will put a fatwa out on you?"

Choudary reiterated that he wants Sharia Law everywhere. He said that all women should “of course” cover up in public, and that both adultery and “sodomy” should be punished by death.

“I still think you’re an evil SOB, but I really want people to hear you,” Hannity said as he ended the interview.

Watch the fiery exchange above, plus take a look back at Sean's other memorable clashes with the imam. 

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