Gretchen Carlson spoke with former Navy SEAL and author Chad Williams about the deadly attack that killed 12 people in Paris Wednesday when at least three gunmen stormed the office of a satirical newspaper. 

Carlson discussed a report that said one of the gunmen forced a woman with a child to open the door to where the newspaper office is located. She asked Williams about the skill level of the gunmen. 

"They show all the earmarks of sophistication," Williams said. "These men show that they were operating on a level of intelligence. Standing by the door they showed that they could think very clearly while under pressure, using this woman to enter the passcode."

"No doubt they could have easily busted that door down if they wanted to, but the element of surprise was important to them," he added. 

Williams explained that the gunmen likely had knowledge of what would be happening at the time they entered the building and knew exactly who they wanted to target.

"To move in there silently and execute as many people as possible, it shows that apparently they knew this editorial board meeting was going to be going on and they could really have the greatest impact on these men catching them by surprise," he said.

Carlson added that operating an AK-47 is not an easy task when someone is under pressure. Williams agreed with her, noting that the recoil and the gun can shoot 600 rounds per minute. 

"These men know how to control this weapon," he stated.  

Watch the video above to hear more of the discussion.