A New Mexico man excitedly went into a gas station to turn in a scratch-off ticket that he believed was a $500,000 winner. 

It looked like a winner, but when the attendant at the Roswell station scanned it, she said it was a loser. Turns out there were some critical misprints on the ticket. reports:

It turned out the ticket bore at least two critical misprints above the $250,000 jackpots. Wines' winning numbers, listed on another portion of the ticket, were 1 and 2. If either of those appeared above the prize, the ticket is a winner. Wines' ticket appeared to show a 1 above both of the six-figure payouts, but an abbreviation code for the single-digit numbers did not match. It indicated that one was supposed to be a 12 and the other an 18. On each, the second digit was just a tiny smudge. 

"NMLA is not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected tickets," reads a disclaimer on the back of the ticket. "Liability for void, altered or misprinted tickets or disputes, if any, is limited to the refund of the retail sales price."

Wines called the state lottery, where officials offered him $100 worth of free tickets, but flatly refused to pay out what Wines sought.

John Wines, a 65-year-old retired heating and cooling repairman, joined "Fox and Friends" this morning to talk about the frustrating situation.

He said he went back and forth with lottery officials, but has now given up on pursuing the cash. Wines said he does not plan to sue the state lottery. 

Wines believes the right thing to do is for the lottery to pay up. 

"It's their ticket. I did not print the ticket. It goes along with anything else. If you make a mistake, you should pay for it. They obviously made a mistake. They should pay for it," said Wines.

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