The popular clothing company Urban Outfitters is being forced by the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to remove a clothing ad from their UK website because the model is too thin.

The image in question shows a model from the waist down in a bikini bottom. According to the ASA, it promotes the "inner thigh gap," the space between a thin woman's thighs.

The agency says the company is irresponsible for giving shoppers the idea that they should aspire to look like a noticeably underweight model.

Urban Outfitters replaced the image, but also responded by saying it's common practice in the underwear industry to use thin models. The UK site reportedly still has images of skinny models with thigh gaps.

On "Outnumbered" today, Shannon Bream said that there's so much "victim mentality" involved with complaints like this.

She said if something makes someone feel bad about themselves in any way, then it simply must be shut down.

"That's just not reality," she said. "We all have to compete. Real life is not ... you get a pass on everything."

She added that she's not advocating for anorexia, but when she looks around, she doesn't see a problem with young people being too skinny. In fact, she said, there's a major problem with childhood obesity.

Andrea Tantaros pointed out that it was just one person who complained about this, which she called "the tyranny of the minority."

"No wonder the UK is in the dumps," Tantaros said. "They're monitoring the inches between women's thighs."

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