The parents of a Missouri middle school student are outraged after they say a teacher told their 12-year-old son to stop reading his Bible at school.

According to Loyal Grandstaff-Marshall's parents, the Bueker Middle School seventh grader wasn't reading out loud or bothering any of his classmates. He was just enjoying his favorite book during his free time.

Loyal explained, "I was just reading. I was just reading because I had free time. I had time to do what I wanted to."

Loyal's father, Justin Grandstaff said, "I feel like it is violating not only his freedom of religion, but also his freedom of speech."

The principal said the middle school does not have a Bible ban and they will look into what happened.

Fox 4 Kansas City reported:

Justin says he’s trying to raise his children to honor God, work hard and do the right things, and he says he can’t believe his son was banned from reading the Bible.

“There’s kids walking around disrespecting their teachers, kids walking around cussing and everything else and they’re practically getting into no trouble at all,” Justin said.


“He doesn’t want me reading it in his class because he don’t believe it, because he feels like he’s shutdown,” Loyal said.

Loyal says the Bible makes him feel encouraged and he’ll never stop reading it. Justin says he hasn’t been able to talk to the teacher in question or the principal because of the Christmas break, but he plans to talk to them when school reopens on Tuesday.

Watch the clip above.