For years, many Harvard University professors championed ObamaCare.

Now those same professors are up in arms over changes that would require them to pay more for health care.

In an op-ed in the school newspaper, The Crimson, 11 Harvard professors wrote, "The University ... embarked on a secret and non-consultative planning process and disregarded the strong concerns that faculty have about their own health."

Fox Business Network host and Harvard alum Melissa Francis said on "Fox and Friends" that these rising health care costs were a foreseeable part of the Affordable Care Act.

"Costs everywhere are going higher," she said. "As a result, professors are going to face higher costs out of their paycheck and higher deductibles, and they're outraged."

"Many people could do math ... if you add more people to the system, there was going to be a higher cost."

Francis said it's one thing if we decide as a society to pay more to insure more people, but it's another for these Harvard professors to act like it's new information that it will cost them to do so.

"I believe, having been there, that it's an attitude," she said. "They understood that someone was going to pay more. They just didn't think it was going to be them."

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