Bill O'Reilly had a heated debate with Kirsten Powers Tuesday night about the recent actions of NYPD officers, who are upset with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Powers kicked off the conversation by telling "The Factor" host that she was surprised he supported this kind of anarchy from the NYPD, where hundreds of officers turned their backs on de Blasio at the funerals of two fallen NYPD officers. O'Reilly immediately fired back at Powers, explaining how he would feel if he was a police officer.

 "I don't support it theoretically, but if I were a New York City police officer, I would be using discretion in the low-level beefs to get my message across because I believe the mayor has put the police in danger," O'Reilly said. "He has endangered them by sympathizing outwardly with the protesters, not the legitimate protesters, but the crazy protesters [...] That's personal to them, and so if I were a police officer, I have to be honest, I would probably be doing the same thing."

Powers challenged O'Reilly for seemingly siding with the NYPD's actions toward the mayor in recent weeks. 

"In my book there is no context for the NYPD or any police department to behave in a way where they are putting people in danger because they want to retaliate against a mayor that they don't like," Powers said. "That is not their job, they are paid to protect ... what is he supposed to do? Get in a time machine and go backwards and not have said the things he said?"

Powers added that there also hasn't been an increase in police deaths under de Blasio's leadership. But O'Reilly responded by explaining that the mayor was given a chance last week to change the negative opinions about him.

"But you have a mayor who had a chance last week to send a message to the police by not approving a judge who let a violent terrorist guy out on no bail and he approved it," O'Reilly explained. "So I think it's overwhelmingly evident that this man we're looking at, the mayor of New York City, does not respect his own police force."  

O'Reilly brought Monica Crowley into the debate, who gave her opinion about de Blasio and his leadership skills.

"You have a committed leftist mayor of New York City who is totally driven by his ideology, that's why he hasn't changed his tune," Crowley shared. "Kirsten asked what he could do now, look if he had any reasonableness in his being and frankly any common decency, he would start by apologizing to the police force, apologize to rank and file."

 Watch the discussion above.