UPDATE 1:30p ET: Police officials say two suspects are in custody in connection with the shooting of two NYPD officers in the Bronx Monday night.

According to officials, one of the suspects in custody is a male who entered NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center with a gunshot wound in the back.

A massive manhunt is underway this morning after two NYPD officers were wounded by robbery suspects in the Bronx. 

In a new surveillance video, one of the suspects is seen during the robbery of a grocery store and with a gun in a restaurant. 

Plainclothes officers Andrew Dossi and Aliro Pellarano had just finished their shift Monday night, but responded to the call and encountered two suspects, the New York Post reported.

David Lee Miller updated us on the latest attack on police this morning, saying both officers are said to be in stable condition and are expected to recover.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said as the officers approached, one suspect entered a Chinese restaurant. As the officers approached the second suspect outside, the gunman emerged from the restaurant and opened fire. 

Authorities believe one of the suspects may have been wounded. The suspects proceeded to carjack a vehicle during their escape, police said. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio, under intense criticism from many NYPD officers, was at the hospital last night and called the wounded officers "extraordinarily brave" and committed to their duties.

Watch the full report above and stay tuned to Fox News for the latest info on the manhunt.

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