Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) went “On The Record” this evening following reports that an ISIS official was found beheaded in Syria.

The official was reportedly part of a unit known for carrying out beheadings. It’s not known if he was beheaded by ISIS or another group.

McCain told Greta Van Susteren that he doesn’t have sympathy for the beheaded official, but said the U.S. should condemn such barbarity.

“We want all these people brought to justice, not beheading,” he said.

McCain also warned that the U.S. is not gaining ground against ISIS.

“The president celebrated when the ‘last American soldier’ left Iraq and declared victory, and obviously things have gone to hell in a hand basket,” he said.

McCain explained that the president of Afghanistan has said that if the U.S. withdraws as the president wants to, Afghanistan probably won’t be able to defeat the Taliban. McCain cautioned that we “could see the same movie” in Afghanistan as in Iraq.

“Things are very, very difficult, and I think that the president and his people are delusional to think anything else,” McCain said.

The Arizona senator also discussed Syria’s accusations that he entered the country illegally.

“I’ve been sanctioned by Vladimir Putin, ISIS has called me their number one enemy, and now the Syrians say that I can’t go back across their border without a visa. I guess I’m without options, Greta.”

Watch the full interview above.