Greg Gutfeld remarked this evening that “Harvard professors have their cardigans in a clump” over health premium increases in their plan due to ObamaCare.

The added costs are because of new coverage which offers mammograms for men. Gutfeld said that these professors were happy with that when they were exempt from “such nonsense.”

“Like Michelle Obama mandating kumquats for high schoolers while she enjoys a plate of fries, the greater good never includes them because the greater good sucks,” Gutfeld said.

The “idiots” that ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber had been referencing in a number of videos “were his fellow freaks on the faculty,” Gutfeld said.

“It rarely happens: when elitists inherit the stinky little bed they made. Usually, their harmful decisions only affect us, never them. Their outrage reveals their hypocrisy: if a program they extol is so good, how come they don’t want it? It’s like saying that paying taxes is patriotic, unless you're Al Sharpton,” Gutfeld quipped.

Gutfeld explained that the professors are mad about a $250 deductible, yet their average salary is $200,000 per year.

“Think about what that means: that the singular marking of a modern academic is greed, that paying their fair share means not paying at all. As liberals, they accrue luxuries they happily deny others. No wonder they're so upset. Sunlight burns a vampire.”

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