A 17-year-old cancer patient and her mother are fighting the state of Connecticut over her right to refuse chemotherapy treatment.

Jackie Fortin explained that her daughter, identified only as Cassandra C., understands that chemotherapy would kill the cancer, along with "everything in your body," and does not want to undergo the treatment.

"[These] are her human constitutional rights to not put poison in her body," Fortin said. "Her rights have been taken away. She has been forced to put chemo in her body."

On "Fox and Friends" today, Arthur Aidala said that there is nothing in the Constitution or any Connecticut state statute that should allow the government to force a citizen to use chemotherapy.

Dr. Keith Ablow said that Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which Cassandra was diagnosed with in September, is among the most treatable forms of cancer.

"How do you treat it? With chemotherapy," he said.

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"The bottom line is this mother doesn't give an eloquent explanation of why she's refusing, with her daughter, chemotherapy. She says it kills all the cells in your body. That's not true."

"You're not allowed to participate in the demise of your child. That's called manslaughter and negligence. It's not called parenting. Sometimes the government does have to step in."

Ablow said Cassandra's parents have a "wrong-minded" idea of medicine and should be removed as her guardians.

"They're encouraging their daughter to die," he asserted.

Watch the clip above and read more about the case on FoxNews.com.

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