A woman who has been suspected of posing as a lawyer now needs a real one. 

Karla Carbo was arrested by Utah police for impersonating an attorney at least three times during the last six months. 

The 29-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of fraud, forgery and identity theft Tuesday roughly a week after negotiating felony counts down to misdemeanors during plea negotiations on behalf of a client in Summit County, east of Salt Lake City, Fox News Latino reported. 

Officials with the Utah State Bar Association reported that the woman had been using a legitimate attorney's name and bar number to represent clients without a license. Carbo's alleged scheme got busted when the attorney whose name she was using got a summons from the city of Draper, where Carbo was representing a client. The other attorney doesn't practice criminal law.

Now police are looking into similar reports from Tooele County and they believe there are other instances where Carbo posed as a fake attorney. 

Carbo also allegedly tried to submit a bar application under the assumed name in California last October, but it was rejected. 

Most of her alleged clients were Hispanic immigrants and they thought she was a legitimate attorney. 

Sheriff's Capt. Justin Martinez stated that the plea agreement she negotiated in Summit County will be canceled and that it's not clear if she has any legal training or why she was posing as an attorney. 

Carbo's clients thought she was a legitimate attorney, and most were Hispanic immigrants, Martinez said. The plea agreement she negotiated in Summit County will be canceled, he said.

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