Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, the man who killed Usama bin Laden, was on “Hannity” exclusively tonight to discuss an NCIS investigation surrounding him.

The NCIS is investigating a complaint from inside the Navy that O’Neill possibly exposed classified information. O’Neill said he has not yet been contacted about this.

O'Neill said he's confident that he did not reveal classified information.

“I think that a lot of these stories for people that play a big role in history … they should tell their stories and they should be able to do so, so that the American people know about it. I’m confident that’s what I did as well. If I ever did write a book, I would go through the proper process, but again with the stuff that I told, I don’t think any of it’s classified, I’ve thought about it for many years and I think the American public deserves to know what happened, a lot of it for closure,” O’Neill said.

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