The Kentucky man who found seven-year-old plane crash survivor Sailor Gutzler recounted the miraculous story of survival today on "Happening Now." 

Larry Wilkins' house is less than a mile from where the small plane crashed in western Kentucky on Friday night.

Girl Who Walked Away From Deadly Plane Crash Learned Survival Skills From Dad

Authorities didn't even know the plane had gone down until Gutzler, who only suffered a broken arm, was able to walk through rugged terrain to Wilkins' house. 

He described Sailor as "really composed" considering what she had just been through.

Gutzler is said to have walked a quarter of a mile barefoot before reaching Wilkins' home. 

Due to heavy storms in the area in recent years, Wilkins said Gutzler probably encountered many downed trees. 

"[There's] a lot of ravines. One of the ravines is probably 15 to 20 feet deep that she had to cross barefooted, pitch black," said Wilkins.

The grandfather said he was just happy that he was home and that Gutzler was able to find his house.

Wilkins said he remembered hearing that for shock victims, a first responder should elevate the victim's legs. 

After doing that for the young girl, Wilkins called 911.

The crash killed the little girl's parents, her 9-year-old sister and a 14-year-old cousin.

Watch the riveting interview above.