Sportscaster Jim Rome has issued an apology after an offensive tweet angered members of the military and musicians.

During the Rose Bowl on Friday, Rome tweeted, "Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?"

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The U.S. Army Field Band fired back with this tweet:

The woman behind that tweet, Sgt. First Class Lauren Curran, social media manager for the U.S. Army Field Band, appeared on "Fox and Friends" today.

Curran said that she believes Rome was "misinformed," and did not understand the years of hard work it takes to learn an instrument and the hours it takes to practice marching drills.

"We think that kind of effort and work should be respected, not ridiculed," she said.

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Rome issued an apology the day after the Rose Bowl:


Curran said that she is glad that Rome apologized and she encouraged him to come see the U.S. Army Field Band perform.

"We would love for him to come to a show. Jim, please come out to see an Army Field Band concert," she said. "Meet some of these students. When you see how hard they work, it's just really hard not to be a believer in what marching band does."

Watch more above.

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