Greg Gutfeld this evening slammed protesters who interrupted a town hall where a medal was to be awarded to 100-year-old Dario Raschio, who served five tours during World War II.

“He crashed his plane in the Pacific, but they crashed his moment. How brave,” he quipped. “Yep, they’re the real heroes, not Raschio, who risked his life so these twerps could marginalize his.”

Gutfeld also discussed “black brunch” demonstrators, who stormed brunch restaurants to “target white spaces” to protest police violence. The protesters shouted that a black person in America is killed by police every 28 hours, which Gutfeld said is a figure that has been “debunked more times than the Loch Ness Monster.”

Gutfeld remarked that one black American is murdered by a black offender every four hours.

“Call the protesters rude, but they justify all behavior in the name of the greater good: in this case, that black lives matter. But is there a person brunching in Manhattan who disagrees with that? But more important, there isn't a cop who'd disagree either,” he said.

He continued, “Forget that half the NYPD is nonwhite, which the shouters conveniently do. If black lives didn't matter to cops, why in God’s name does their presence save black lives? The stats speak for themselves.  As murder rates drop, it's clear black lives matter, and maybe more to the cops than the co-eds tweeting their latest proud selfie.”

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