Thin Mints and Samoas watch out! Girl Scouts are adding three new flavors to the iconic cookie lineup this year. 

The GSUSA announced Monday that Toffee-tastic, Trios and Rah-Rah Raisins will be available this selling season, which begins in January and ends in April. 

Trios cookies have peanut butter, chocolate chips and whole grain oats, while the Toffee-tastic flavor is a buttery cookie with toffee bits in it. Both of these cookies are gluten-free, making it the first time in the 98-year Girl Scout cookie-selling history that a gluten-free cookie will be available nationwide.

A gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie was tested in select markets last month. 

In 2014, GSUSA announced that the cookies will be available for purchase online to make it easier than ever for cookie lovers to stock up on their favorites. 

Check out the video above for more details on the new cookie additions.