Ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik was on “The Kelly File” tonight following Mayor Bill de Blasio’s remarks today that police “were disrespectful” in turning their backs to him during officers’ funerals.

While Kerik said it was not the appropriate place for police to turn their backs on de Blasio, he said he understands why they did it.

“The cops have a right to be upset and angry, and I get it. Look, if I was a cop and I was out there I probably would have turned my back also, but the time I have on the job and being where I’ve been […] right now I just don’t think that was the time.”

Kerik also called on de Blasio to keep Al Sharpton out of city politics and race relations.

“[Sharpton] is not representing the real communities of New York City, I promise you,” he said, calling him an opportunist who takes advantage of situations.

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