Victory is sweet, especially for one Minnesota high school girls basketball team.

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The Climax-Fisher High School Lady Knights finally broke an 84-game losing streak that stretches back to 2011. And due to foul trouble, they did it with just three players on the court.

Coach Jonathan Vonesh and team captain Emily Love appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to discuss the thrilling double overtime win over Bagley High School.

Vonesh said the Lady Knights got off to a good start right away and he had a good feeling about the game.

"Finally getting this win, it's given us a little bit more determination," Love said. "And we got that taste of that first win, so now we want more and we're ready to get a couple more."

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Vonesh explained that the team stuck together through the tough losing streak by building team character.

"I focused a lot of growth on us as a team and people and team unity and things like that," he said.

Even though all but three Lady Knights fouled out against Bagley High School and they were playing 3-on-5, Love said she did not doubt that her squad would finally break the losing streak.

"We were playing so great," she said. "Those girls were playing out of their minds and I knew that we could pull it off if we stuck together."

Watch more above.

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