If you forgot how badly things can go when the government isn't up to speed on technology, just remember the botched rollout of the ObamaCare website.

On "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace took a look at how the government is getting tech help straight from Silicon Valley.

After being appointed chief technology officer by President Obama last fall, Megan Smith has worked to apply cutting edge tech ideas to the government.

For example, she and her team helped develop a new Ebola suit that's easier to remove with a zipper in the back.

Describing the difference in culture between Washington and Silicon Valley, Smith said the former is a little more academic, as opposed to more corporate for the latter.

Smith - who comes from Google X, the company's lab for next-generation projects - said that tech people can help policy-makers play with ideas and think about technology in a new way.

As for the issues with the ObamaCare website, Smith explained that they needed people with technology knowledge and expertise in the room.

"We had contracted a lot of technology out to other people and weren't really having some of the architects in the core group," she said.

Smith is also working to make computer coding a basic part of every child's education in America, in addition to emphasizing the importance of getting more girls involved in math and science.

"You set a goal way out there, but you start, 'What's a problem in the world worth solving? What's a technology that sounds a lot like science fiction, but it might just work?"

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