A brand-new oversight report from retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) says there major problems with the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to 700 miles of unsecured southern border, Coburn says that as of today only three in 100 illegal immigrants will ever face deportation from the U.S.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch said that the shocking report actually understates the problem and the numbers are much worse.

Lynch explained that the report counted sections of the border as secure when they clearly are not.

For example, he said, just outside the Naco, Arizona, border patrol station, a section of fence was cut out to allow trucks to drive through into the U.S.

Lynch said that in a 24-month span, 48 trucks went through that hole in the fence and zero were caught.

"There is no will to stop the people coming through the border," Lynch said, noting it's not just a problem for the southern border.

"I'm looking at the northern border. Oh my goodness. We have more terror networks operating in Canada than we do in Mexico," he said.

"And in Canada, we're wide open, with 4,000 versus 2,000 miles."

Lynch said when there's no will to stop these people from entering the U.S. illegally, we are in grave danger.

He added that when many people think of terror, they imagine buildings coming down. Lynch warned of the major dangers of cyber-attacks on the U.S., which could also be devastating.

"The Chinese and other countries are tapping into our systems every single day. They could literally, if they wanted tomorrow - and this is confirmed by the NSA - they could just unplug America."

Watch the clip above.